Jenn (queenwanda) wrote in wyckedbytch,

New Comer!!!

Hello all. I just joined. I have had an LJ account for nearly a year now. I am a member of the HamptonRoads group but just finding out about this one. I am always looking to meet new people, chat, and make some new friends.

My name is Jenn
I am 22 y/o
Single mom of a 3 y/o boy
Live in Norfolk
Very outgoing, fun loving, kind, caring, passionate, affectionate, and romantic.
I have several things I like to do in my spare time. I am not too picky and I think I can have fun doing almost anything.

I am usually online from 10pm - 4 or 5am. Yes I have insomnia so usualy up late. I have AOL IM , YAHOO IM, MSN IM, and ICQ although I am rarely on ICQ any more. Please feel free to contact me...just make sure you let me know in first instant message who you are so I dont just ignore you :)
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